How long does a Bookstagram campaign take?

First we seek out 5 bookstagrammers who prefer your genre and who express an interest in reading your specific book. At that point, we send them each a physical copy of the book which they will photograph as part of their post. They have 45 days from the day they receive the book to post their review. 

What is a book launch campaign?

These campaigns are time specific, with the goal being a major push for the first seven days after your book’s release. We seek out bookstagrammers who want to do an Instagram Live interview with the author during the launch week. We also seek out BookTubers and BookTokers who are willing to do a video post about your book during the launch week. 

What’s the difference between an Influencer Campaign and a Book Launch Campaign?

An Influencer Campaign is not time specific and is best for authors whose book is already released. A Book Launch Campaign is focused on a 7 day push the week of the launch. Bookstagrammers, BookTubers and BookTokers can be part of either campaign.  

What is the pricing?
Pricing for social media campaigns depends on the scope of the campaign you are interested in and the length of your book. Fill out an inquiry form for either the Influencer Campaign or the Book Launch Campaign and we will set up a call to discuss your book in more detail. Pricing for traditional reviews is $289 (or $189 for a children’s picture book review). 

Why are you called Union Square Review? 

Union Square was where our founding partners met in New York City to first discuss the idea of launching a better book review service than what is currently available to authors. 

What if I don’t like an influencer’s review? Can I get a refund?

We cannot give refunds to authors who don’t like their review. Part of releasing a book into the public square is accepting the fact that not everyone will have the same opinion about your work. Some will cheer “rah rah” and some will say “meh” and some may even say “booooo.”  What matters is that they convey their opinions in a well written, thoughtful, clearly articulated review that explains their opinions and why they have them. Take, for example, a recent bookstagrammer in our network who explained that she didn’t enjoy reading a particular book because of how complicated and intricately weaved together the plot line was. Several people commented in the feed that they love books with dense plots and thanked the influencer for her review (and mentioned that they were going to go get a copy of the book for themselves).

Am I paying the influencer for their review?

No! You are paying us for connecting you with the influencers and for the exposure to each influencer’s audience of readers.

What if I don’t like my traditional review?

We give author’s the opportunity to see their traditional review before it is published. If you don’t like the review, you can choose for it to not be released to the public. If you choose this option, you will not receive a refund for the review.

Will my traditional review be posted on social media if I choose to release it?

We post every traditional review to its own page on our website, where it will remain permanently. It is the author’s responsibility to post the link to that review anywhere else they want, including social media.