How long does a Bookstagram campaign take?

First we seek out 5 bookstagrammers who prefer your genre and who express an interest in reading your specific book. At that point, we send them each a physical copy of the book which they will photograph as part of their post. They have 45 days from the day they receive the book to send us their review. When approved for publishing, they will post it to their story and their permanent feed. 

What is a book launch campaign?

These campaigns are time specific, with the goal being a major push for the first seven days after your book’s release. We seek out bookstagrammers who want to do an Instagram Live interview with the author during the launch week. We also seek out BookTubers and BookTokers who are willing to do a video post about your book during the launch week. 

What’s the difference between an Influencer Campaign and a Book Launch Campaign?

An Influencer Campaign is not time specific and is best for authors whose book is already released. A Book Launch Campaign is focused on a 7 day push the week of the launch. Bookstagrammers, BookTubers and BookTokers can be part of either campaign.  

What is the pricing?
Pricing depends on the scope of the campaign you are interested in and the length of your book. Fill out an inquiry form for either the Influencer Campaign or the Book Launch Campaign and we will set up a call to discuss your book in more detail.

Why are you called Union Square Review? 

Union Square was where our founding partners met in New York City to first discuss the idea of launching a better book review service than what is currently available to authors. 

What if I don’t like my Bookstagram review? Do I need to publish it? Can I get a refund?

We cannot give refunds to authors who don’t like their review. We do give each author the chance to approve or reject their Bookstagram reviews, so that if the review is not what the author had hoped for it will not be published. 

What if the influencer doesn’t like my book?

We connect your book with influencers who read in your genre and who specifically request to read your book. But this does not guarantee they will always like the book. Before a bookstagrammer posts their review, you will have a chance to read it and (if you want) to cancel it, which means it will never post. BookTubers and BookTokers will tell us if they don’t think they have anything positive to say about the book before they make a post, so you can choose to not have them post their review. But negative reviews are not always bad. If written well, they can engage readers who may like what the reviewer found distasteful in your book. And not every positive review will be all positive. Reviewers will be fully honest about their impressions of your book, which is the 100% authenticity you want, even if it means they point out what they did and didn’t like about your book.