Author: Orion Gregory

ISBN: 978-1736683903

Publisher: Greg Milano

Author website: OrionGregory.com

Sydney Livingstone just wants to play her tennis matches and continue winning, though she does wish her best friend was still alive to watch her play. Her friend’s suicide weighs heavily on Sydney. Moreover, there is the problem that someone at the pre-US Open tournament is trying to kill her. First, her rental car is damaged, then one of her opponents goes missing, then her good friend is injured. Her estranged father mysteriously reappears in her life, some of her friends are acting oddly, and things just don’t add up. Despite all this, however, Sydney continues to find the strength to bring her A-game to the court. Fortunately, the police are on the case and are on the lookout for the murderer at almost every twist and turn.

Greg Milano, using the pen name Orion Gregory, has written a crime novel full of intrigue and mayhem, coupled with a love interest, all set in the world of professional tennis. His descriptions of the matches are vibrant and lively, immersing readers in tennis culture and providing the vicarious experience that they themselves are at a tennis tournament. His characters are interesting and well-rounded and for the most part, the plot is plausible. The action is fast-paced, both on the courts and off, as various characters come under suspicion by the police. The dialogue is well-written and helps provide necessary information, although the use of red herrings is sometimes over done.

Readers looking for a sports-oriented murder mystery will enjoy Faults.

Star Rating: 5/5 stars