A Restaurant in Jaffa


Official Review

Ryan Thompson is a computer whiz who has written some brilliant software that he plans to sell for a lot of money. Money that is sorely needed to keep his tiny company afloat. What he doesn’t know is this software is about to fall into the hands of Palestinian computer hackers who will use the coding to breach high-security systems, causing havoc and endangering lives in the United States. Eliana Beck, an American raised in an ultra-orthodox Jewish family, who has emigrated to Israel, becomes a member of an elite cyber-security team. She teams up with Ryan and others to help find the computer terrorists before they can cause any more harm.

Mark Sorenson has filled his cyber-crime debut novel with wonderful, rich details of everyday life, including food and customs in Jaffa, a city perched on the edge of the Mediterranean Sea. His descriptions of computer coding show the author's due diligence and research as these aspects of the story read authentically. His characters are well-rounded with distinct personalities, providing readers with a cast of good guys and women to root for and baddies who must be defeated. A bit of romance is thrown in, which offsets the ever-increasing tension. One can easily see this book turned into a movie thriller.

Although a bit lengthy at over 400 pages, A Restaurant in Jaffa is a fun, action and conflict-filled story that will have readers staying up late to discover whether Ryan and Eliana are successful in their quest to stop the computer software thieves.

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Author: Mark E. Sorenson 
ISBN: 978-1-953910-04-2
Website: markesorenson.com