Amazon Keywords for Books

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Do you want to write and release a self-published book on Amazon or Kindle? How do you compete with literally millions of titles? Well, you’re the one responsible for authoring a quality book. Then self-publishing guru Dale L. Roberts will teach you keyword selection skills to drive customer traffic to your book above all others. “A keyword is a beacon shining from the lighthouse guiding ships away from rocky terrain and onto safer shores. Keywords are the shared interests people have and the way for people to identify with other people. Without keywords, online users would be forced to mindlessly scroll through websites, trying to find what they’re looking for.” A lot of Amazon’s market share comes from its data processing and prediction abilities. That magic happens behind the scenes by tracking keywords linked to customer’s purchases and viewing history.

Readers are ultimately people and although this book is about keyword algorithms, it’s inherently about how to get the right book (yours) into the hands of your target audience through basic computer database mastery and manipulation. “You aren’t writing and publishing books for a machine. You’re writing and publishing books for people. Real people. Once you get past the whole part of trying to game the system or trick Amazon into doing your bidding, you’ll discover that people buy books. Algorithms and search engines don’t buy books.” This process may seem daunting but it is broken down into manageable steps. First you learn what’s happening behind the scenes when you shop at Amazon. Then the crucial relationship between item keywords and product placement on the website is explained. Appropriate keyword selection is the most important step in reaching your target audience which will drive your sales. Master this skill and you have mastered the mysterious Amazon algorithm.

Roberts began his self-publishing journey by releasing a number of fitness books on Amazon. He also helms a YouTube channel, Self-Publishing With Dale. His own personal experience learning how to harness Amazon keywords drove him to demystify the process with this book. Readers can also visit his channel for more in-depth treatments of related self-publishing elements. There is great synergy between this book and his channel, offering an easily-processed explanation of a seemingly challenging topic. Although there are several other books available on Amazon dissecting the self-publishing process as a whole, Roberts has firmly established himself as the authority on keyword selection.

An easily understood guide to Amazon and Kindle keyword selection, the backbone of self-publishing success. A short handbook accessible to novice or moderately informed readers.

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Author: Dale Roberts 
ISBN:  978-1-950043-14-9
Genre: Reference/Electronic Publishing (96 pages)