All 4 and 5 star reviewed books receive built-in marketing benefits.

For Books Published in the United States

Book Club Promotion

If your book receives a 4 or 5 star review, it is automatically posted to the blog, at no cost to you. Today, there are 15,000+ book clubs in their network, with hundreds more being added every month.  *Not included with children's book review package.

Free Bookstore Placement 

If your book receives two 5 stars from our double reviewer package, our partner DartFrog Books will place your book into 20 independent bookstores for free. No other book review service provides direct placement into bookstores.

Discounted Bookstore Placement 

If your book receives a 4 or 5 star single review, we will give you a code for 40% off the cost to have your book placed into 20 independent bookstores through DartFrog Books. 

For Books Published in India

All 4 and 5 star books are marketed on Facebook to readers across India through promoted posts. Once our partner, DartFrog Books, gains access to bookstores in India like they have access to bookstores in the US, we will be able to include bookstore placement as a benefit to top rated books.