All 4 and 5 star reviewed books receive built-in marketing benefits.

For Books Published in the United States

Single Reviewer  

If your book receives a 4 or 5 star review from our Single Reviewer package, it will be considered for promotion to 20,000+ book clubs at no cost to you (either through featured 3-month placement on the website or through a dedicated blog post to all book club members). You will also receive a code for 20% off the cost to have your book placed into 25 independent bookstores through DartFrog Books, or promoted through DartFrog's bookstagrammer network.

Double Reviewer 

If your book receives two 5 stars from our Double Reviewer package, our partner DartFrog Books will place your book into 25 independent bookstores for free, or provide a free promotion through their bookstagrammer network. 


For Books Published in India

As of yet, we do not offer built-in marketing benefits for these titles. When we can, we will provide details here.