Birth Into Darkness

Official Review

In 1776 Colonial America, Raven is just 13-years-old when vampires attack her family and turn her into a vampire. Discovered by a vampire hunter named James, Raven is kept and trained by James to help him find other vampires so he can kill them. James’ own son was killed by vampires, which makes his pursuit of them intensely personal. Meanwhile, an elder vampire named Dumitru has gathered a formidable pack of vampires and wolves. Together, they are sweeping across the countryside, wiping out the humans in their path. Parks has written an action-packed, detail-filled, sometimes gory story that pits these vampires against the human hunters and their allies, witches from the old country who have fantastical powers and abilities. Parks has imbued the narrative with interesting twists, making some vampires much more powerful than others and even invulnerable to known vampire deterrents, like holy water and holy ground. A bit of romance and some lusty sections are intermingled with the battle scenes where Raven must prove herself time and again to the humans who either don’t know, or won’t accept, that she is working on the side of good. Oddly, Parks opens and closes the story in the present day, which doesn’t fit with the primary plot.

While some careful editing would have improved this novel, that shouldn’t deter readers who enjoy fast-paced, conflict-filled tales filled with vampires, ghouls, and witches.

Star Rating

Author: WJR Parks
Website: WJR Parks