Dragon Blood


Keriya Soulstar awakens after her battle with Necrovar to find herself halfway around the world. She still has her ancient sword with her though and travels to Jidaeln to learn the art of swordfighting and hand-to-hand combat. She trains under the master of the school and discovers under his tutelage that she can wield magic. Keriya eventually leaves, with Viran as her prisoner. However, they soon realize they actually care for each other and continue on their quest to return to Keriya's homeland of Allentria as allies. Along the way, Keriya discovers more about herself and her abilities than she ever imagined, all aspects that will enable her to raise an army and engage with Necrovar, which appears to happen in Book IV.

Official Review

Mugdan has written an action-packed third book in her Shadow War Saga. In Dragon Blood, the focus is on Keriya Soulstar’s need and desire to become a better fighter so she can finally and completely destroy Necrovar. She learns sword fighting and hand-to-hand combat in Jidaeln, a city halfway around the world from Allentria, and also learns far more about herself than she ever imagined, including her ability to wield magic. Mugdan includes a romance in this book, which shows a softer side to Keriya, but is a bit stereotypical because of who Keriya falls in love with. Unfortunately, this is not the only formulaic aspect Mugdan includes in the book. For those familiar with this saga, the third installment will not seem overly long at 557 pages, and it will not be difficult to familiarize oneself with the strange names and ideas of magic and of dragons. For those picking up this book as a first read, the story line will drag on and not make sense in places as there are numerous references to previous battles and encounters with other characters who don’t actually appear in book III. However, Mudgan’s use of vivid details and creative imagination counterbalance the length and sometimes cliched parts, allowing the reader to dive deep into a world full of good and evil, which sets the stage for book IV and the bigger battle yet to come.

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Author: Elana Mugdan
Website: www.allentria.com