How long does a review take?

Count on 6 weeks, but usually it's more like 4. 

If I choose the Double Reviewer option, do the reviewers compare notes?

No. Both reviews are completed separate from one another. Neither reviewer knows who the other reviewer is. 

If I choose the Double Reviewer option and get one 4 or 5 star review out of two, am I still eligible for bookstore placement?  

You would not be eligible for free bookstore placement (that's only for authors who receive two 5 star reviews). But, each review in a double reviewer package counts as a single review. So, if you get one 4 and one 3 star review, for example, or one 4 and one 5 star review, we will offer you all the benefits that come with a 4 or 5 star single review.

Who reviews books for you?

The names of our reviewers are not listed on the review you get back from us, but we can tell you that all are professional reviewers whose work is reviewed and edited by our Managing Editor, who holds a Ph.D. in English. Several of our US based reviewers also review for Kirkus Indie. 

What's the difference between the US team and the Indian team?

Each team of reviewers is made up of different people. The US based team only reviews books published in the US. The Indian team only reviews books published in India. 

Why are you called Union Square Review? 

Union Square was where our founding partners met in New York City to first discuss the idea of launching a better book review service than what is currently available to authors. 

Why are your prices so much lower than other review services?

We price our service at what we believe to be a fair price for the author, while also earning a profit. Perhaps the better question is why are the other services so expensive?  

What if I don't like my review? Do I need to publish it? 

If you don't like your review, you can choose to not have it published, which means we will not post it online. In this case, no one will know the review exists. If you chose the Double Reviewer option, you can choose to publish one and not the other, if one review is more favorable.

If I don't like my review, can I get a refund? 

We cannot give refunds to authors who don't like their review. Our reviews are honest, which gives them their value. The scoring rubric will provide insight as to why the reviewer did not come away with a favorable opinion, which can be of great value to the author who is willing to learn from the constructive criticism. 

Do you offer a discount for multiple book review submissions?

Unfortunately, no. Our prices are as low as we can make them. 

If I pay for a review but then decide to cancel before the review is finished, can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, no. Reviewers begin work immediately upon your submission.