Gio's Friendly Garden

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Acts of kindness have the power to make friendships—and flowers—blossom, no matter the weather. Written in verse, Cabral’s narrative shares a message of kindness by way of a “friendly garden,” in which Gio’s thoughtfulness of providing shelter in the warmth of his greenhouse for a frog, beetle, and worm is rewarded by his new garden companions helping his plants flourish. The worm works the soil, and the frog and beetle eat pests that can destroy Gio’s precious plants. The concluding paragraph, “And just like that, from the soil below his group of friends arose. They laughed together, this friendly group that blossomed from the cold,” superbly summarizes the tale of friendship and teamwork. Clover’s radiant mixed media illustrations, which feature images of shimmering water droplets, glistening leaves, a luminescent full moon, and the glow of a warm greenhouse are expertly crafted and create an ideal companion to the nature-inspired tale of compassion.

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Author: Joanna Bruyere Cabral
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