Identity Theft


Detective Kenny Elliot, equal parts hardboiled gumshoe and faith-based psychic, navigates his way through the most dangerous and paranormal cases animating Tulsa’s underworld. Elliot is a magnet for the occult and extra-rational. On the verge of leaving the force to start a family, he finds himself drawn into one last case that involves a fellow officer who claims that a malevolent entity has taken over his body. Unable to ignore so ominous a threat, Elliot investigates the mystery, and is dragged deep into the machinations of an underground cult that threatens to unsettle the very social fabric of his city.

Acting opposite Elliot is the cult leader Ishmael, a disturbed individual with the power to remotely control, and even inhabit, the bodies of others. With an ever-growing army of mindless followers, Ishmael enters into a deadly game of cat-and-mouse with Elliot, pressing the stalwart detective to his limits.

Official Review

For those who enjoy elements of the supernatural with their detective fiction, Identity Theft by Bob Avey is an engaging read. Throughout, Avey displays a philosophical understanding of human nature, tying the characters’ theoretical debates to the demands of urgent, life-and-death situations. The conflict between Elliot and Ishmael is as much a battle over the human soul as it is a classic struggle between cop and robber. Identity Theft is a gripping meditation on the nature of identity, the corrupting influence of power, and how one can lose control.

Fans of psychological thrillers will be drawn in as Detective Elliot faces the impossible: putting a stop to a madman capable of turning any innocent bystander into his obedient drone. Avey doesn’t make it easy for his protagonist. He dials up the tension and suspense, and throws so much adversity Elliot’s way that he is transformed in the process. Identity Theft marries the intrigue of a detective novel with the mysterious horror of occult fiction in a page-turning style that will leave fans of both genres satisfied.

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Author: Bob Avey