Mystery School Book 1: Islid

Official Review

In a world where water is a valuable commodity and the question of whether to make it freely available or to privatize it is at stake, Estrella’s father is murdered under mysterious circumstances. Most people assume he was killed by narcos, but there are those in Estrella’s family, including her godmother, Kit, who think otherwise. Time passes and as Estrella approaches her fifteenth birthday, she enters Glouton, an elite educational institution. There, Estrella enrolls in Mystery School, a special class that reveals there is more to the world than she originally believed. She and her other classmates study meditation and breathing, gradually gaining access to cosmic forces that allow them to eavesdrop on other people’s thoughts, heal wounded animals, and develop above average athletic abilities, among other talents. Then Kit suddenly dies under strange circumstances and Estrella and her friends must use their special gifts to untangle the riddle that could expose who did it and why.

Matherne has written a complex young adult novel full of mystery and intrigue. The story combines several magical elements in a classic battle that pits good against evil, along with numerous secondary characters who support and obstruct Estrella as the story winds through a full year of events, ending in a cliffhanger. Many of the intricate, lengthy scenes depicting teenage angst and love could have been cut, giving readers quicker access to the battles and faster-paced action scenes that are the narrative's strengths.

For those who enjoy young adult fantasies, Mystery School is a lengthy but fun read.

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Author: LC Matherne