Play The Rules

Official Review

In Play the Rules, Dr. Armillotta combines humor and interesting personal stories with motivating self-help ideas that are “aimed at shaking up the stereotypes [of living] that are so common most people never question them.” She encourages readers to break through their fears and resistance to change and to take calculated risks in order to have a better, well-rounded, fully enjoyed life. The author divides her thoughts into thirty-three different rules, all geared toward giving readers empowerment over their lives. Many rules are not new ideas, but they are presented with much enthusiasm. Dr. Armillotta encourages readers to be daring, to take leaps of faith, to stay away from negativity and clutter, and to expect downfalls and failure as part of the growing process. She discusses how fear holds people back from accomplishing goals and how it creates distractions so that people don’t see the true picture. She recommends questioning everything and shows how individualism is detrimental to one’s growth. The author includes numerous quotes from well-known authors, actors, scientists and more, which help place an emphasis on the particular rule she is writing about. Her tone is conversational, informative, and easily understood. Some minor editing issues are evident, but they do not detract from the commonsense advice provided by the author.

Although readers might be inclined to read this book rapidly in order to absorb all the lessons it contains, it is best to slow down and savor each rule. By doing so, readers will gain the full impact of each self-help idea, and be better able to incorporate them into their daily routine.

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Author: Dr. Monica Armillota
Website: Play The Rules