Poems in Corona


Official Review

In his second book of poetry, Green’s subject is the COVID-19 pandemic. The narrator explores a wide-range of experiences to show how, although at times the perspectives these experiences engender are in conflict with one another and can amplify tensions, they all reflect the messy and complex reality of this un-precedented time. While some of the poems are just a few lines long, they still manage to pack a punch that penetrates to the heart of the issue whether it’s graduating seniors who have had to adapt the way they culminate their years of education, or the birth of babies nine months after the quarantine. The toilet paper shortage, the vulnerability of nurses, the deaths of black men and women by the police, the prison industrial complex, the controversies surrounding reopening the economy and the wearing of masks are some of the other vignettes that Green illustrates through provocative imagery. Although the narrator in several of the poems appears to adopt a bird's-eye view of the situation, he is not entirely without judgment--the narrator is aware of and condemns the pre-existing inequalities in American society that the virus exploits and highlights. Some of the poems employ traditional forms, such as the sonnet and haiku to convey their message, while others adopt a free-verse approach.

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Author: Jay Green 
ISBN: None. ASIN only: B08B6F3YXX
Genre: poetry (58 pages)
Website: www.puzzledroads.net