Publish with Purpose


Official Review

Alemany's Publish with Purpose is a valuable resource that guides authors to reflect on why they want to publish and helps them set goals to do so.

Alemany engages readers in soul-searching exercises intended to incite reflection that will enable authors to make thoughtful choices about their writing and the business-end of publishing. Publish with Purpose zeroes in on essential questions every author should ask themselves, such as: who is your ideal reader and who is your ideal customer? Alemany argues that an author's ideal reader and customer may not be the same, and therefore, aspiring authors need to consider and understand both audiences. A 'Dear Reader' exercise guides aspiring authors through the process of connecting with their ideal readers and their needs. Similarly, a 'Dear Author' exercise provides an opportunity for authors to dream big and define what success would look like for their book. Finally, Alemany offers readers case studies that illustrate how these exercises impacted her own publishing experiences, as well as those of authors with whom she has worked. Throughout, Alemany channels the voice of an encouraging coach, offering guidelines that show how critical reflection can lead to setting and achieving goals. However, too often Alemany portrays the road to publication as a prescribed set of 'to-dos.' The limited number of case studies reflect a small portion of possible trajectories to publication, ignoring some of the roadblocks authors may face, even if they follow Alemany's framework.

Publish with Purpose stands out from other books on publishing by focusing on purpose-driven writing and publication; however, it would benefit from encompassing a wider-variety of author experiences.

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Author: Tara Alemany 
ISBN: 978-1945847158