Review Options

Union Square Reviews are available to all authors, whether traditionally, hybrid or self-published.  Every review is delivered with a fully completed scoring rubric, designed to provide the author with as much feedback as possible. 

We offer three review options:

Single Reviewer 

One reviewer provides one review. Delivery includes reviewer’s scoring rubric, which shows analysis of all aspects of the book, including cover design, formatting, identification of strengths and weaknesses, genre distinction, market appeal, synopsis and final review conclusions. Author can choose to have us publish or not publish the final review. All genres except children's books. 

Double Reviewer

Two reviewers, completely separate, provide two reviews (one from each reviewer). The deliverables are the same as for the single reviewer, only double. Authors who choose this option can elect to have us publish one, both or none of the completed reviews. This option is for authors who want to get more than one perspective on their book. All genres except children's books. 

Children's Book Review

For authors of children’s books (picture books, early readers and chapter books). This option is single reviewer only and includes a full scoring rubric. Authors can still choose to have us publish or not publish the review.