Save Him


Official Review

When a top scientist, Rydel Scott, discovers that an altered implant can teleport a person into the past, he wastes no time in going back to save Jesus from crucifixion. However, earlier experiments with the device have proven that altering anything in the past can have profound consequences on the present, so Genesis, the laboratory where the time-travel discovery was made, is determined to stop Rydel at all costs. The top commanders send back an elite military unit of men and women led by Ray Catlin, a devout Catholic, and John Adams, who hasn't believed in anything religious for years. Hayes has written an intriguing, Christian-based, sci-fi tale by blending historical events with fantasy where scientific devices can alter one’s appearance, voice translators can transform one’s speech into any language, and time travel is possible. Hayes' imaginative gadgets and weapons are reminiscent of things James Bond might need and use, including mind-controlling drugs and an implant that can whisk a wounded soldier out of harm’s way. The author switches points of view multiple times in any given chapter, which makes the story line a bit confusing to follow at times, and some of the wording is repetitious. However, Hayes' use of good descriptions and details, particularly of Lucifer and those he controls, make up for these minor issues. The inner and outer conflicts between those who believe in Jesus and those who don't heighten the tension in the story. For those who enjoy action-packed sci-fi with a Catholic overtone, Save Him is a fun read.

Star Rating

Author: William M. Hayes
ISBN: 978-1691708864
Genre: Military Thriller/Sci-Fi/Faith