The Garden and The Glen


Official Review

Acceptance is not enough, but rather kindness toward one another and building friendships is what is needed to create a better community. The Garden and The Glen encourages readers to reflect on rejection and what it truly means to belong. In just under one hundred pages, Elizabeth Moseley crafts a gentle narrative to portray the unfortunate reality of rejection and provides a template for how to find an authentic sense of belonging through supporting one other. Through the stark contrast of characters - the evil garden bully and the courageous, kind-spirited blue butterfly - readers will learn what it takes to stand up for themselves and others, and even more importantly, that they need to foster relationships for mutual support. Moseley crafts this tale in such a way that readers will be better equipped and encouraged to pursue the most courageous version of themselves. With short chapters, interspersed with luminous illustrations by Maggie Green, this book can either be read aloud or serve as an early chapter book for young readers. The Garden and The Glen offers readers suspense, hope, and a deeper understanding of what courage looks like.

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Author: Elizabeth Moseley 
ISBN: 978-1-7328443-0-8
Genre: children's chapter book (97 pages)