The Lightning Knight


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When Oliver Quartermaine, the rich kid in Starfall City and one of the most talented fighters to win in the Summer Tournaments Series, is given a quest to perform by one of his professors at the Institute, he is flattered and anxious. The quest is to find magic, which the High Queen has steadily purged from the countryside. Just to think of magic is treasonous, so to actually search for it is a dangerous mission. Yet brave Oliver feels compelled to do it, even if it means leaving the girl of his dreams, Iris, at home. Like many a youth, other girls fancy him and he them, which creates interesting dynamics between everyone involved as he travels in search of answers, all while avoiding his enemies.

Sean Valiente has written a high fantasy tale that brings together Oliver and a cast of compelling characters against a fellow student, Ridhan, the story's villain. Certain aspects of The Lightning Knight evoke the Harry Potter series, The Hunger Games, and Games of Thrones, as there are maps, a multitude of battles, magical intrigue, and twists and turns in the very lengthy plot. Valiente could have easily turned this one book into two, especially considering that he's clearly set the foundation for a forthcoming series. The descriptions of the fights using swords, lances, kali sticks, etc. show a strong knowledge of the martial arts, which infuses the fight scenes with credibility. Valiente truly lets his imagination run wild with the inclusion of dragons and magical objects and elixirs. While the romantic plot is a little heavy handed, it should not deter readers from delving into this tome and partaking in a fun read.

This fantasy is sure to take the reader out of the mundane to faraway lands, where valiant young men and women battle for good and evil.

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Author: Sean P. Valiente 
ISBN: 978-0960038107
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