The Ancestor


Official Review

When Wyatt Barlow awakens near a small town in Alaska, he’s disoriented and confused, and at first, he can only remember bits and pieces of his life. Slowly, he realizes that he’s been frozen for the past 122 years and is now alive at the same time as his great-great grandson, Travis, who is the spitting image of him. In his day, Wyatt had traveled to Alaska searching for gold, and through a series of flashbacks brought on by heroin-use, he remembers the path he took that led him to a huge deposit of the precious metal. As he gradually ingratiates himself with Travis and his family, Wyatt learns Travis is in need of money and he convinces Travis to go search for the motherlode of gold he believes he found once before. In his fourth novel, Lee Matthew Goldberg capitalizes on his talent for vivid descriptions and interesting dialogue to carefully intertwine the stories of Wyatt and Travis. However, the constantly shifting points of view among the characters gets confusing at times. Goldberg successfully portrays Wyatt’s disorientation when he first awakens and his increasing confidence as he quickly adapts to life in the modern world.

The Ancestor delivers a tension-filled, entertaining story with a semi-predictable ending.

Star Rating

Author: Lee Matthew Goldberg
ISBN: 978-1643961149
Genre: Thriller