Welcome to Brookville

Official Review

Extreme anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorders, torture, child abuse, pain, and misery are the main components that run through Welcome to Brookville, a series of loosely interconnected short vignettes. These stories about people and the suffering they endure are well-written and highly detailed, leaving a lasting impression of horror and despair in the reader’s mind. They are not for the faint of heart!

Ennis has a way with words, creating images that linger long after the page has been turned. She writes, “To them, he was Patient J1518. If you were going to take someone off the street, deliberately blind him, dress him in old pajamas that someone had clearly worn before him, and keep him locked in a room where the only place to sleep was on the floor, it was impossible to regard him as a human being.” Imagery like "deliberately blind" and "locked in a room" rapidly convey that something is very, very wrong in this man’s life. Ennis does leave some of the endings of her stories vague, letting readers ponder the characters fate.

For those who enjoy unsettling stories and don’t mind reading about compulsions and abuse, Ennis has provided a slew of narratives well worth your time. For anyone a bit squeamish, it’s best to avoid these tales as once you've read them, they're difficult to forget.

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Author: Kelly Ennis
Website: www.kellyrennis.com