Traditional Reviews

Our traditional style book review provides a full review of the book as well as a copy of the reviewer’s scoring rubric so that authors can fully understand the assessment behind the review. We also give authors the chance to see their review before it is made live, so they can choose to not have it released if they disagree with the reviewer’s assessment. Books that receive 4 or 5 stars are automatically considered for promotion to 30,000+ book clubs and placement in bookstores through our sister company, DartFrog Books. If DartFrog chooses a book for either program, they apply a 15% discount to the price of that program (if the author decides to participate). Use the form below to submit your digital files (PDF and ePub). We will invoice you upon receipt of your submission and assign the book to a reviewer. The price for a review is $289 (or $189 for a children’s picture book).